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May 19, 2010 - Gay Leprechaun + coffee + more


Hi Everyone,

Spring is here and we have some news for you:

New Chad Vader episode

The latest Chad Vader episode is up. Check it out here:

Tony is manager for a day and has a strange effect on the store.

Gay Leprechaun

For you Gay Leprechaun fans out there, there is a new Gay Leprechaun adventure called "Pantless"

eHow with Hal Thompson

Hal's got a new hit series where he teaches you things from "how to score a lady" to "how to summon a Shuggoth." 5 episodes already up and more coming:

Chad Vader Coffee?!

Yes, its true -- Chad now has his own coffee blend. Chad's Dark Soul Half roast is available for purchase. From the label:

"These are the beans you're looking for. The battle between light and dark your cup. A blend of light and dark roasted, organic, shade grown fair trade coffee from Bolivia and Mexico."

Available by the pound on our merchandise page:

For more info and other delicious coffee blends, go to:

Matt and Aaron cast in Hollywood film

The creators of Chad Vader have recently been cast in the remake of the legendary B-movie "Plan 9 From Outer Space". Simply titled "Plan 9", it follows the same general storyline as the original: Aliens attempt to take over the world by resurrecting the dead. It's full of scary zombies, aliens, humor and looks like a good time. See the teaser trailer and get more info here:

Thanks for watching and have a great day,
Matt and Aaron

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